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That gives you the nub of what I offer: the many different ways one highly regarded master electrician has personally cared for customers--over three decades.

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You can print, fill out, and mail in the agreement you'll find at my Terms of Engagement link, but it will save some time and data entry if you just email me the following information. ou cannot merely fill it out here and click the "Submit" button at the end. Whenever you try to get in touch, if you don't hear back from me within a day or three, it's well worth your while to try again via a different route. Non-response very likely means that the message did not go through, especially if it's not a holiday or weekend. So give me a call.


Your full name

When you supply telephone numbers, I ask for the range of hours between which you'd like me to call you at each number. Please take into consideration both weekdays and weekends.


Call the following phone number between not earlier than when in the a.m. and not later than when in the p.m.? (Please fill in something. If calling any time is okay, say "24 hours.")

Day Phone number:

Evening/Weekend Call the following phone between how early in the a.m. and how late in the p.m.? (Please fill in something. If calling any time is okay, say "24 hours.")
Phone number:

Email address, if you regularly check email:

Second adult's full name, or Organization name, if applicable:

Second adult's phone--
Phone number:
Call this phone between how early in the a.m. and how late in the p.m.? (Please fill in something. If calling any time is okay, say "24 hours.")

Job Address, including zip code:

If you have any hints for getting to you, or parking, such as one-way streets, or parking-legal alleys, or reserved spaces, they could save me time and thus save you money.

Your own Address, including zip code, if different from the job address:

So . . what sort of job or jobs you want me to come over and do? I'll make additional notes based on talking with you, and what I find in place at your location of course may make a difference. Still, this is the place to put down whether what you have in mind is for me to troubleshoot a non-working light, upgrade the electrical service to a corner grocery, or plan out a sweat-equity house rewiring, meaning I take responsibility and control the actual work, but you help in agreed-on, carefully specified, ways.

Appointment Nature:

After reviewing my Terms of Engagement, feel free to also mention any preferences you have regarding appointment times--for instance, if it's worth paying the premium to have me come out during the evening, or if you happen to be off work every other Monday.

Appointment Preferences:

I'd like to know how you came to find me. If friends or colleagues referred you, I'd appreciate their names. If it was a paper, I'd like to know which one. If you found me through a web search, or by tracking me down after reading one of my books, articles, or interviews, I'd like to know that.

Referral source:

If I may need to do repairs in your electrical panel, or if you want me to run a new circuit, it will be helpful to know what you've got. Look and tell me, if you can, whether you have fuses or circuit breakers. If you have circuit breakers, look for the brand name on the cover of the panel (sometimes on the inside of a door) and, if you can find it, tell me what it says. (Looking at the circuit breakers themselves, rather than the panel instructions, can mislead. There are many "interchangeable" breakers that really have no business being installed in some of the panels they happen to fit.)

If you ask me to run new wiring for you (yes, even just adding one receptacle or light at a new location), or restore power after a disconnect, the law says that I need to apply for a permit, so my work can be inspected when complete. If this is the case, before I perform the work you will need to dig up some information commonly found on a mortgate or lease.
RENTERS: First, whatever the jurisdiction, if you are not the owner of the building, they will want to know the owner's name, address, and phone number.

Owner Information:

The other information required varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but if you can locate all the following bits (commonly found in mortgage papers), we're covered.




Nearest cross street:

That's the information I'd like you to send, to save us both time.